World Mission work

"preach the gospel to all creatures..." Mark 16:15

done by John L. Kachelman Jr.

Reaching the World

Our desire is to follow Jesus' last command and teach the gospel to all the world.  This mission is not new or extraordinary.  It seems daunting when you realize how large the world is, but together with other Christians we can do our best to show Christ to the world.  We can fulfill this mission in many different avenues.  We can go and directly teach individuals or groups.  We can open doors for evangelism by showing Christian love and help those in need.  We can even financially support those who are able to travel or teach and preach God's word.


John does what he can to teach the word of God to all the world.  Much of his work has evolved into helping coordinate benevolent shipments to countries in need.  He works with congregations and individuals to get needed items to countries around the world.  Many of these countries are not traditionally friendly to Christianity, and this showing of care and concern from Christians opens so many doors to future trips to spread the gospel.


John actively teaches the world of God every opportunity he is given.  John continues to go to Ukraine twice a year and has visited other countries where the benevolent shipments have been sent.  In these places, he is able to talk about the truth, the church and the Christ.