World Mission work

"preach the gospel to all creatures..." Mark 16:15

done by John L. Kachelman Jr.


Our involvement in the Republic of Tajikistan first began with a request to help children in an area devastated by a civil war. We received a request for beds, mattresses, linens, blankets, towels and dishware for a school in Tajikistan that suffered greatly during the civil war and many children were left as orphans.

We were asked, “Would the churches of Christ be interested and capable to assist? Their interests are: 20 beds, 20 mattresses, 20 sets of blankets, 20 sets of linens, 20 sets of towels and dish and cooking ware. Can you agree to help orphan-students and improve their living conditions?” As we began work we were able to double these requested items.

Since that beginning point we have sent containers into Tajikistan from Judsonia, AR, Elizabethtown, KY, and Montgomery, AL.

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